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Outreaching Grads (OG) Program

What is the OG Program?

GSEE is committed to enhancing equity and social progression to promote the recruitment and success of graduate students impacted by racism and its intersections* at our Bothell, Seattle and Tacoma campuses. 

The Outreaching Grads (OG) Program is a comprehensive and collaborative outreach and recruitment program housed in GSEE of the Graduate School. The OG Program is a corps of graduate students impacted by racism and its intersections who support GSEE, academic departments, and student organizations to enhance outreach and recruitment efforts for prospective and incoming graduate students. The goal of the OG Program is to introduce graduate students impacted by racism and its intersections to numerous opportunities and resources that help build community and increase racial and ethnic diversity within the graduate student pipeline. *The OG Program attempts to serve UW Bothell and UW Tacoma as well as UW Seattle; however, UWT and UWB engagement depends on the availability and participation of UWT and UWB graduate students.

The OG Program focuses on three key tenets:

  • Proactive outreach and recruitment for graduate students impacted by racism and its intersections tied to building community and increasing the graduate student of color pipeline
  • Investment in professional development opportunities
  • Strengthen tri-campus partnerships

What is the role of an OG?

OGs are trained to lead and support prospective, incoming, and current underrepresented graduate students in navigating the numerous aspects and phases of graduate school. They provide a personal lens as well as meaningful guidance on living in the Pacific Northwest, communicating in virtual spaces (as applicable), and finding academic and relevant resources. To aid in assessing graduate student needs and to cultivate an inclusive campus community, OGs can assist in the following ways:

  • Connect and share opportunities and resources with prospective graduate students impacted by racism and its intersections (virtually and/or in-person)
  • Participate in professional development seminars, leadership training, and social justice workshops
  • Share graduate opportunities with UW registered student organizations to help build the graduate student pipeline
  • Engage in graduate student panels, public speaking and recruitment events, and networking engagements

How can a department request the assistance of an OG?

We are happy to send OGs to departmental functions or have them visit one-on-one with prospective students or groups. We do ask, however, that your request be submitted one week in advance. To request that an OG meet with or contact your prospective student(s), please complete the OG Request Form below.

Fill out the OG Departmental Request Form

*Intersections include sexism, homophobia, ableism, Islamaphobia, antisemitism and other forms of discrimination.