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Becoming a Member


As indicated in the Charter of the Graduate School Council, elected representatives on the Council include:

  • One representative from each UW Seattle college or school
  • Two representatives each from UW Bothell and UW Tacoma
  • One representative from each division of the College of Arts and Sciences
  • One representative from the Graduate School Interdisciplinary Programs

Ex officio members may include:

  • UW Libraries representative
  • UW Continuum College representative
  • Graduate Program Coordinator representative
  • President of the Graduate & Professional Student Senate

Election Guidelines

  • The Charter of the Graduate School Council, Section II.C. describes the guidelines for selecting Graduate School Council representatives.
  • Each college, school, or campus shall manage its own nomination and election process.
  • All voting members of the Graduate Faculty from a school, college or campus shall be allowed to participate in the selection of a Council representative. Voting members are those who hold a Graduate Faculty appointment within that school, college or campus.
  • In the case of the Graduate School, the Dean of the Graduate School shall determine the voting members for selection of the Graduate School representative who will represent the Graduate School’s Interdisciplinary Programs.
  • The school, college or campus shall submit to the Dean of the Graduate School the name of an elected representative before the final day of class, spring quarter.
  • Elected representatives serve for staggered terms of three years in order to provide continuity of the body. If a representative takes a leave of absence or is unable to complete his or her term, a replacement to complete the term shall be appointed by the Dean or Chancellor of the unit represented.