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Awards & Funding Support

Graduate students may apply directly for the fellowships and scholarships listed on our List of Fellowships page.

Departmental staff may request the awards listed below on behalf of graduate students through MyGrad at Admin > Awards > Requests > Request New Award. We don’t accept applications directly from students for these awards. 

Are you department staff and don’t have access to MyGrad?

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Top Scholar Awards

Top Scholar Awards help attract outstanding graduate students to the University of Washington.

More on Top Scholar Awards

Conference Presentation Awards

Conference presentation awards assist graduate students who will present their work at conferences.

More on Conference Presentation Awards

General Tuition Waivers

Support students who receive significant funding through a nationally-competitive fellowship.

More on General Tuition Waivers

International Student Tuition Waivers

Support international students who are in formal exchange programs at UW or are part of specific international education programs (e.g., Fulbright).

More on International Tuition Waivers

Presidential Dissertation Fellowship in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Support Ph.D. candidates in the final stages of writing a dissertation.

More on the Presidential Dissertation Fellowship

Gerberding Rome Travel Fellowship

Supports graduate students enrolled in UW faculty-led programs at the UW Rome Center.

More on the Gerberding Rome Travel Fellowship