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Petition for Reduced Enrollment


Per Executive Order 28, graduate students with Academic Student Employee jobs (RA,TA, etc), fellowships or traineeships must register in 10 credits or more applicable to the degree during fall, winter, and spring quarters. In summer quarter the requirement is two credits. The 10 credit minimum applies even if a job is less than five out of the six pay periods in a quarter, and even if the job is less than 20 hours per week (50% FTE).

In exceptional cases, students may submit a petition for reduced enrollment to the Graduate School. If approved, the student is eligible to be employed and/or receive the position benefits while registered in less than 10 credits.

Petition Process

Students must initiate the petition process by submitting the required petition survey and providing a completed copy of their responses to an appropriate department official (Graduate Program Advisor, Graduate Program Coordinator, or department chair). 

The department official will be required to complete an approval survey in order for the petition to be processed by the Graduate School. A link to the approval survey will be provided in the completed student survey.

More information about the Petition for Reduced Enrollment


Contact the Office of Fellowships & Awards.