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Encoding Graduate Degree Programs 

The UW Graduate School, in partnership with the UW Registrar’s Office, is in the process of encoding graduation requirements for graduate degree programs in a central degree audit system.  

Encoding Process 

Graduate Degree Programs should complete the following steps to have their programs encoded: 

  1. Submit the Degree Requirements Form to GEMS,, for each degree code. 
  2. Graduate programs are responsible for ensuring they align with graduation policies and procedures before submitting forms (see Graduate School Policies and detailed in Policy 1.1 Graduate Degree Requirements). 
  3. GEMS will review the submitted Degree Requirements Form for alignment. GEMS will email incomplete forms back to the Graduate Degree Program. GEMS will only forward those forms that meet Graduate School Policies to the DARS Office. 
  4. Be prepared to set aside time to test the degree audits with the DARS Office. The DARS Office will contact you via email for a testing session. 
  5. Once testing is over with the DARS Office, update the program’s online content, graduate student orientation materials, or graduate student handbooks and manuals as needed. 
  6. Request a graduation training appointment with a GEMS Advisor before or immediately after the degree audits are published. Graduate programs may also request training through the DARS Office by emailing

Items that may delay the encoding process: 

  • Incomplete Degree Requirements Form 
  • Graduate Degree Program is  
    • currently under review 
    • in the process of making significant curriculum changes 
    • going through accreditation  
  • Faculty unavailable for consultation 


Contact GEMS at