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Landolt Nomination Guidelines

Eligibility for the award

We are especially interested in generating a diverse group of nominations, including nominations of faculty members who are women, or from underrepresented minority groups, or with disabilities. 

Eligibility is limited to active members of the graduate faculty who are involved in the supervision of graduate students.

List of active graduate faculty

Departments are limited to only one nomination.  



All nomination files must be received by the Graduate School by no later than 5 p.m. PST on December 5, 2023, c/o  There will be no exceptions to this deadline.   


For all documents, fonts are to be no smaller than 11-point and margins no narrower than one inch.  We will strictly observe page-length limits and formatting guidelines.    

Preparing and submitting the nomination packet 

Step 1  

Please provide information about the nominee, the nominating department, and the names of the nomination letter writers via this Microsoft Form.  

Step 2  

Combine these materials in the following order into a single Adobe PDF file, observing the strict page length cap and formatting guidelines of each component:     

  • *The letter of support from the department chair or their designee (no longer than two pages in length).   Note: In the cover letter, departmental chairs are invited to incorporate comments from those nomination letters they have received from current or former students or colleagues that are not among the letters included in the final packet of materials.    
  • Nomination letters from current graduate students (no more than three letters, each no longer than one page in length).       
  • Nomination letters from former graduate students (no more than four letters, each no longer than one page in length).       
  • Nomination letters from other students (e.g., undergraduates or postdoctoral associates), faculty or staff (no more than two letters, each no longer than one page in length).       
  • *A current, abbreviated version of the nominee’s CV (no longer than six pages in length).     
  • *A list of current and former mentored graduate students directly supervised.  Use this suggested format.  Note: We suggest that departments list all the nominee’s students who have received substantive supervision, regardless of whether the nominee was the committee chair or not.      
  • Other supporting materials as desired, e.g., course syllabi, student evaluations, etc., but not including any additional nomination letters (no longer than four pages in length).   

*= required  

Please use this format to name your PDF:   

LASTNAMENOMINEE – Nominating Department – Landolt 2024   

Ex:  SONG – Astrobiology – Landolt 2024.pdf    

Step 3  

Email your nomination packet to the Graduate School by no later than 5 p.m. PST on December 5, 2023, to  There will be no exceptions to this deadline.  Note that there is a limit of one nomination per department.      


A single award, accompanied by $5,000 in discretionary funds that may be used to support the awardee’s scholarly activities, will be given and presented at the annual Awards of Excellence Ceremony in June 2024 in conjunction with other University-wide awards.   

Address nomination materials to: 
Joy Williamson-Lott  
Dean of The Graduate School  

Jerry Pangilinan,  
Executive Assistant to the Dean of The Graduate School